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July 6: Heading up to Monteverde


Thursday, July 6th:

This morning a group of students were up at 7AM for another run or walk on the beach. Everyone got together at 8AM for our last breakfast in Playa Hermosa consisting of scrambled eggs and freshly baked banana bread!

At 9:30AM we loaded all the luggage onto our bus and started our 4 hour drive up to Monteverde. We stopped for lunch just outside of Monteverde, at a beautiful Italian restaurant. Students had a large menu to choose from. Most decided to get a freshly made pizza, baked in the wood-fired oven.

After lunch, we checked into our hotel which is perched up on a cliff with clouds slowly drifting by. Students settled into their rooms and then headed for an afternoon round of classes.

At 5PM we were picked up by our local guides in order to go on our night hike. We were divided into two groups, given flash lights and then headed into the cloud forest as the sun set. Our expert guides were able to locate several interesting animals and flora for us including a neon green viper!

We then headed back to our hotel for a delicious Costa Rican dinner and some free time at the hotel.

Tomorrow, we look forward to spending our day at the Life Monteverde coffee plantation.

Stay tuned for more adventures!