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July 5: Experiential Learning


Wednesday, July 5th:

Hi everyone,

today was our last day in Playa Hermosa. A dedicated group of students has been getting up early the past couple of days and going on a 6:45AM walk/run on the beach.

We got together at 7:45AM for our traditional Costa Rican breakfast and we started our full day of classes at 8:30AM.

Our photography students were off to the beach early in order to apply some of the latest techniques they’ve been studying. Our Grade 10 Science students followed soon behind and Ms. Mattos delivered her lesson in the Pacific Ocean!

At the end of the afternoon class, students headed back down to the beach to enjoy one final sunset before we head up to the mountains.

After dinner, students chose to hang out in the pool. A group of local guests at our hotel even gave our students free Latin dance lessons.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Monteverde and the amazing cloud forest.