Our goal at Global Summers Academy is to provide a safe and structured environment in which students flourish, both on a personal and academic level. With caring and empathetic staff, who focus on experiential education and personalized learning, our students are supported and inspired to excel in their academic courses and discover their cultural surroundings. All Global Summers Academy courses are high school credit courses, inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education.


Travelling opens our students up to the vast and diverse world in which they live. They grow and learn from planned field trips, excursions and on-location classes as they interact with people in different cultural settings. Specially selected teachers bring the textbooks to life with experiential instruction that satisfies and yet creates curiosity. This type of learning takes students beyond the regular course curriculum leading to increased awareness. In addition, students benefit from a personalized approach in small classes where teachers can match instruction to individual learning styles and student expectations.


Our group leaders and teachers provide a safe and structured environment that fosters personal growth. While travelling with family is often fun, travelling without parents or other people that are known to students allows them to develop independence. Travelling as part of a student group provides a “comfort zone” while experiencing new and different things. Students can try new foods, attempt new languages, and experience new activities all while feeling supported and encouraged Students will learn to budget their money, manage their time and make smart choices. Part of the growing process also means sometimes making mistakes or finding yourself in a challenging situation, like travel hick-ups. Students will be able to navigate these challenges together with caring staff and all within a structured group setting.


Our teachers come from public and private schools and are deeply committed to supporting our students. They are selected for their teaching excellence and their enthusiasm for teaching Ontario curriculum in an experiential manner while traveling. Teachers are available to students throughout the program for extra help and assistance. They provide support and encouragement for each student based on the student’s academic needs.


All of our students are between the ages of 13 and 19 years old and range from grade 9 to 12. They come from public, separate, and private schools across Canada and beyond. They bring a wonderful mix of ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds to our programs. Most students who will take a course with us over the summer will select a course that they would normally take the following school year. In other words, they are “reaching ahead”. Others will choose to complete a course they have a personal interest in and would like to study it in a unique setting.

Grade 9 & 10 students travel together and are always with staff. Grade 11 & 12 students travel together as well and have scheduled free time while staying in minimum groups of 4.

While the grade 9 & 10, and grade 11 & 12 programs do travel to some of the same locations, they are separate programs and are almost never in the same location at the same time.


Pre-departure Orientations will be held in May where students will hear valuable information about their Program. Students will get a chance to meet their program staff, including their teacher and group leader, as well as their fellow students. Pre-departure work will be introduced by teachers as well as information on any required textbooks that students will need to purchase.


Students must show proof of having earned the necessary prerequisite for their chosen summer course by submitting their transcript to Global Summers Academy. If the course is currently being taken, a copy of the timetable will suffice until a transcript can be sent. If you are a Grade 8 student wishing to reach ahead into Grade 9, please contact us in advance of registration for instructions on how to work with your home school to gain permission to complete a Grade 9 course while abroad.

An official report card will be sent to the student’s residence as well as to the home school upon completion of the course.

Note: Students from outside the Province of Ontario should speak with their Principal or Guidance Department before registering to confirm that the Global Summers Academy course will be accepted by their home school and the appropriate equivalency granted. We are happy to assist with any documentation your school requires in this process.