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Hola from Barcelona!


Good Morning from Barcelona,

We had a long but wonderfully smooth transition from Toronto to Barcelona yesterday. The students are excellent large group travelers! They must have read a few emails to prepare them to be such a patient group of students on this long day of travel. We arrived at our hotel around 12pm and students had an opportunity to explore around the hotel for lunch and snacks along with some time to shower and rest.

At 4pm we headed for the beach prior to having a buffet dinner near by. Students were able to go for a swim, start on that wonderful summer tan or grab an ice cream. We learned how to take the metro here in Barcelona to get to the beach.

There was so much food for dinner at Fresco! This helped re-energize students enough to get to the end of the day. Most students opted to come back to the hotel to get to bed early, but some students elected to stay out in groups of 4 or more to enjoy the city. At room checks after 11pm everyone was ready to sleep (some had already been asleep!). 

Breakfast started at 8am today and class started at 9am. Students are well on their way to working toward their credits! Later this afternoon we are heading back into the city as a group to have a guided tour of Sagrada Familia.  More on that tomorrow!

We are already posting pictures on Instagram. Search for @gsagrandtoureurope012023 to find us!

All for now…

Jason – Program Manager