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Montserrat and Farewell to Barcelona!


We had about half the group travel on day 3 in Barcelona to Montserrat (https://www.montserratvisita.com/en/index.html). There they were guided through a hike of over 22,000 steps with incredible vistas for students to take many pictures and videos. With a packed lunch, provided by our private guide, students were refueled to visit the monastery and museums that Montserrat had to offer. Students came home tired but also very happy to have had that experience. They ate a wonderful hearty meal and went out to enjoy their last night in Barcelona.

Students, not on the optional excursion to Montserrat, had a day to explore the city and shop in groups of 4 or more. I was very impressed by their responsible behaviour, as they all checked-in with me at the time I asked and enjoyed talking about all their adventures they had that day. About 8 students researched and found a vintage clothing store ‘Humana’ to visit and find some clothes. I love that they are not just going to the regular chain stores we see back home, exploring the new environment is always preferred, well done!

We are headed to San Sebastian in the north of Spain. We look forward to seeing this small city’s landscape and world famous beach.  

Jason – Program Manager