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Pisa and Panino’s



Another eventful day to add to the on going list for the program. Today some of the students went on our first excursion to Pisa! The group enjoyed a walking tour of the city, saw the famous leaning tower and enjoyed a nice lunch together.

For those who stayed back they took part in various activities, first we all attended the famous sandwich shop in Florence called All’antico Vinaio, where the students enjoyed the Panino’s known all around the world. They then had a choice of whether they would like to go to the Uffizi Gallery or walk the streets and do some shopping. Each student was able to choose their favourite option and do that for the day.

Once the group returned back to the hotel after their day of excursions and activities we then walked to dinner and enjoyed a nice meal all together!

If you would like to see live action photos throughout the day and more pictures of the students, give our program’s Instagram account a follow! @gsaitaly2023!

Ciao Ciao!