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And that's a wrap!


Dear Parents,

After a very successful and memorable month exploring and experiencing the cultural and natural wonders of seven countries (eight if you count going in and out of Austria several times on our way to Switzerland), our program has sadly come to its conclusion.

Final exams were held on Thursday morning, and by all accounts, students performed well and were confident they had ended their academic experience on a positive note. A celebratory banquet dinner was held in a beautiful restaurant off the Piazza Navona in Rome. Awards were given out to deserving students and we shared many memories and laughs from along the way.

At 7:30am Friday morning, we were on the bus and en route to the airport. However, no one seemed ready to go home just yet. They were having too much fun with all of their new friends. So much so that reunion gatherings are already being planned! Upon checking in, we made our way to the airport gates where we bid students extending their stay in Europe a fond farewell as staff and faculty accompanied the group through security.

Over the last 25 days together, student’s relationships blossomed. They learned to be patient, independent, responsible, and have become expert travellers!

We are a very close group, so please be prepared for lots of hugs and tears as they say their final good byes to each other upon our arrival in Toronto.

See you soon!


Dave D’Alberto
Program Manager
Global Summers Academy
Grand Tour Europe 2022