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Au revoir!



This group met approximately 24 days ago. Over that time, I have witnessed new friendships develop and the student relationships improve with their teachers.  The students have become expert travellers. This student group was one of the best student groups that I have ever been associated with. Some credit needs to go to you as the parents of these phenomenal young adults. 

Many students are disappointed that the program is over…..that’s a good thing as it means that we as the staff have done our jobs well and they as students have fully immersed themselves in the program. 

I am hoping the students have created new friendships that will continue for many years, maybe a lifetime. They have had the opportunity to participate in amazing excursions that have created great memories.   

Our final banquet that was organized by Emma Harris and Mme. Commisso was a resounding success. Friday we will be making our way back to Toronto from Nice on our last excursion as a group. 

Au Revoir, 

Jeremy Russell 

France Program Manager