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Volcano Hike and Hot Springs Excursion


Volcano? More like volcaYES!


Today’s excursion to the Santorini volcano was a special experience! Many of our students had never set foot on a volcano before, and the mountain’s huge slabs of obsidian and spectacular views were awe-inspiring for all.


Students got a slight sleep in, heading out from the hotel at 9 a.m.. After a short walk to the cable car, we rode as a group down to the old port of Fira, where we boarded an old pirate ship out to the volcano.


A short fifteen minutes later, we disembarked onto the shores, flooded with other travellers seeking a special excursion up the volcano. Led by our tour guide Nikki, we tromped up the mountain. The students were absolute troopers, excited to see the summit of the mountain that caused the downfall of the Minoan civilization.


The summit was a breathtaking experience, with views of the main island of Santorini, as well as other smaller islands off into the distance, and the Aegean Sea sprawling before us.


After the hike students went to the volcano hot springs, going for a swim in the thermal waters that were tinted orange. A murky but incredibly unique and memorable experience.


Those who did not attend the excursion spent the day catching up on work, chilling by the pool, or exploring the old town of Fira independently.


For dinner, we returned to the restaurant Zafora for some breathtaking sunset views, and the night was capped off with some delicious gelato.


Tomorrow, black sand beach day!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator