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Sunday Sun in Santorini!


μέρα στην παραλία! Day at the beach!


Today was a very special day! Time for students to soak up some sun, relax, play some sports, and eat amazing food.


After a sleep-in until 10 a.m., students piled aboard a bus bound for the serene black sand beach of Perissa on the back side of the island of Santorini!


Students were dismissed for free time right upon arrival, and had the opportunity to do whatever their hearts desired! The beach had a range of possible activities, ranging from beach volleyball and soccer, frisbee, sun beds, restaurants, and cafes.


Most of the students were more than pleased to just spend the day relaxing and taking in some rays! The beach overlooked a stunning mountain view, and was lined with plenty of options for lunch. Students went swimming in the Aegean, enjoying its aquamarine water. It was quite a windy day, so there were even some waves for the students to float and drift along the beach.


Many of the students got to try some delicious local food for lunch, including gyros, souvlaki, seafood, and gelato.


All in all, a fantastic day was had by all; just the kind of break the students needed to recharge for an active school week!


For dinner, the program went one last time to the sublime sunset facing restaurant, Zafora, and had an appetizing and flavourful meal of salad, spaghetti bolognese, and baklava.


After dinner, the majority of students returned to the hotel to prep some work for the school week and get a good night’s sleep! A few even chose to screen the film Oppenheimer to relax before the next day’s classes.


Tomorrow, an action-packed day with a visit to the archaeological site of Akrotiri and the Lost Atlantis Museum!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator