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Program Manager Update


A Message from the Program Manager

Dear Parents, Guardians, Family, and Friends:

I wanted to give an update on the Global Summers Italy Program 2023.

Our students have been immersed in Italian culture for some time now.

They can order gelato and pasta, and ask for the bill in Italian!

They can be polite and courteous – in Italian!

They have a clear stance on Naturale versus Frizzante!

Need to hail an Italian cab? Ask your child.

They will help you find your way to an amazing landmark across many Italian cities.

And, they can do their own laundry! Finalmente!!

We have one week left here in Rome and things are just heating up.

We continue to work hard in our courses, and explore new sights each day.

The heatwave is upon us, but don’t worry we have gelato!

A doppo,