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Walking Tour: Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps


This is what dreams are made of!

Our first walking tour of the week led us to some of the main sites to see in Rome. After class this morning the students grabbed some lunch and we headed off to our first stop, the Trevi Fountain. Everyone was really excited to see the fountain, some of them even threw a coin in and according to Italian locals, if done so that means they will be coming back to Rome! 

We then made our way to the Spanish steps, at this location students were able to do some shopping, grab gelato and sit on the steps. 

Today we also learned how to use the metro which will come in handy for the last few days of the program, the students were able to navigate where to get on and off at the different stations and manage their time accordingly to get back to the hotel for dinner. 

Tomorrow we head to the Vatican for our next walking tour. 

A domani!