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Halfway Point Update


Dear all,
I can hardly believe that we are more than half way through the program. We have two weeks in Paris behind us and just under two weeks in the South of France ahead.
In the south, and in particular in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, we are experiencing a much slower pace than in Paris. No more dashing to catch the metro. Instead, the only dashing is to change into bathing suits after class for a dip in the pool!
Getting to the south on the high-speed train was an adventure! I want to thank everyone for being prepared and ready. A special thanks goes out to those who stepped up and helped move our suitcases on and off the train.
Over the last two weeks, I’ve seen many friendships form and groups come together. Seeing all the students together in the pool and all of them at the beach together shows me just how cohesive they all are as a group.
All the classes have also quickly adapted to the pace in the south and the unique opportunities it provides for learning. Yesterday, the English classes were doing relays in the pool to test their knowledge of their readings. The French classes continue to practice navigation skills in French by guiding their classmates to famous landmarks. Yesterday evening, the photography class practiced their night photography on the beach.
This afternoon, we head to Cannes for a visit and for dinner. We will travel in style on the train and return by coach bus. On Saturday, those who have signed up for the optional excursion to Saint-Tropez will make their way there.
À bientôt !
Program Manager