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Farewell Santorini, Hello Crete!

Today we spent our final morning in Santorini, then took off on our transfer to Crete.

It was a long day for our students, though as always, it was a fun day! The classes in the morning consisted of a mock trial for our grade 12 English classes. They were delving into the Greek mythological story of Medea. The classes were each split into a defence, crown, judge, and jury and formulated arguments for their mock trial. The students took the activity very seriously, and did incredibly well getting into their respective characters. It was such a fun and unique way for the students to demonstrate their learning!

After morning classes, the students had time for lunch before our transfer to Crete. We arrived in Crete around 7pm local time and had dinner, then a walking tour of the town.

It was a long day between all of the classes and then our transfer, though the students are excited for their time in Crete! It should be another fun-filled, adventurous week on this island!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff