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Transfer to Athens


Επιστροφή στην Αθήνα! Arrival in Athens!

Goodbye Crete! 

After an incredible 6 days on the pearl island of the Mediterranean, we have sadly departed from Heraklion. Our time there was absolutely fantastic, with just the right mix of history, museums and archaeological sites, beaches, city life, and fun excursions! There is definitely a bittersweet feeling in the Global Summers Academy Greece August camp, but everyone is stoked for what comes next! 

At 7 o’clock we boarded an overnight ferry from Heraklion to Athens. Each student checked into their cabins and headed to the ferry restaurant for a delicious meal of roasted chicken and potatoes. 

It was a special night as Jaiden W. celebrated her 17th birthday on the ship! Over dinner everyone sang her happy birthday, including some onlooking passengers, and Jaiden got to enjoy a special dessert! What a memorable and unique place to spend your 17th birthday. 

After dinner, everybody piled out onto the deck of the ship to watch the sun set over Heraklion. It was truly a sight to behold, as the city lights began to shine, and we set sail past the old Venetian fortifications of the city. 

On the ship, many of the students opted to join a game of ‘Fishbowl,’ a fun and energetic game combining ‘Charades’ and ‘Password.’ It was a great way to pass the time as the ship ventured far into the darkness of the Aegean waters.

A short 9 hours later, and the students were able to watch the sun rise over the mountains of Piraeus as we pulled into port.

Athens, here we come! 

Tomorrow, our Acropolis tour!  

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator