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The Acropolis Tour


Στην κορυφή της ακρόπολης! On top of the Acropolis!


More than 3000 years of history. Majestic architectural beauty. A small window into what life for the Classical Greeks must have been like. These are the vivid experiences our students were able to share in today’s programming.


After a morning of class to finish off some course work and prepare for their final exams, our students ventured out from the Jason Inn Hotel in Athens on a very special adventure. Today, they travelled to the beating heart of Classical Greece, the Acropolis.


Our wonderful local coordinator Chara walked the students through Monastiraki square, over to the Plaka neighbourhood of Athens, with its perched tavernas and cafés, steep hillside lane ways, and breathtakingly beautiful Bougainvillea flowers. On the way, the students got to check out the ruins of some of the Roman era Agora, and excitement was abuzz in the air.


When we reached the base of Acropolis hill, students began to get a sense of the wonder of the site we were on, with its charming Olive and Moria trees interspersed with marble walkways. We began our tour with a local guide, first exploring the theatre of Dionysus on the side of the hill.


As we began to reach the summit of the Acropolis, students began to remark how much bigger it is than they were expecting, and how the view alone made the hike worth it!


After a quick walking tour of the main gateway to the citadel, the students were shown the temple to Athens’ namesake, the goddess Athena, as well as the towering figure of the Parthenon. Our guide was expert at describing many of the architectural features, and painted a vibrant portrait of what life on the Acropolis must have been like in ancient times.


The students had 30 minutes atop the Acropolis to take pictures, enjoy the views, and take in the living and breathing history at their footsteps. Because it was a Greek national holiday, the Acropolis was significantly less busy than a typical day, providing ideal conditions for the tour!


Following the visit, the students travelled to a restaurant in Athens’ Latin quarter for a quick bite, consisting of incredible red pepper mezze, a tomato and eggplant dish, and various types of souvlaki, sausages, and meatballs. Typical Athenian fare! Students had time after dinner to explore the neighbourhood a bit more, and most opted to head back to the hotel slightly before curfew to prepare some work for the following day.


Tomorrow, final day of classes and tour of the Panathenaic Stadium!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator