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Beach Day in Crete


τελευταίο μπάνιο στο Αιγαίο! Last swim in the Aegean!


Our time in Crete is coming to a close. We have had an absolute blast in this place, and this day was a fantastic final full day on this beautiful and ancient island!


Following a well-deserved sleep in and wonderful breakfast, students piled onto the bus for our very last beach day on the program!


The group travelled to the nearby village of Karteros to a positively stunning white sand beach. Equipped with volleyball courts, a restaurant, and lounge chairs, students were in for an incredible day.


Most of the students decided to spend the first couple hours of the day catching some rays (and maybe some Z’s) on the beach chairs, relaxing in the hot Grecian sun or finding a quiet place in the shade to read. A few even brought their computers with them to the beach to complete some school work while enjoying the sun.


In the mid-afternoon, students played a game of beach volleyball in the very professional courts. Our students are very talented, as some of the rallies they were having lasted a long time and demonstrated a ton of skill!


After everyone was finished playing volleyball, the whole group went and hopped in the Aegean for their last time. Some of the students were emotional, as they will not have another chance to swim in Athens, and many of them spent the time taking everything in and reflecting on their program to this point.


The waves in the water were absolutely sublime, and everyone finished the day wave jumping and body surfing. What an end to our Aegean adventures!


After a beautiful risotto and loukomades dinner out on the town in Heraklion, many of the student chose to watch Mamma Mia! in the basement conference room of the hotel, and a lot of them turned it into a sing-along dance party! Other students chose to go out on the town and enjoy their last evening in Crete.


Tomorrow, a full day of class, followed by our transfer back to our last stop in Athens!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator