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A Message from Program Manager Bertan


July 10th

It’s hard to believe that we have already reached the halfway point of our program! Throughout the past 10 days, our amazing teachers and I have tried to capture as many moments of our experience in Costa Rica to share with you on this blog as well as our Instagram account. Judging by all the smiles in the photos, our students are having an amazing journey here in Costa Rica.

Opportunities like this are rare, especially for someone as young as our students. I am happy to report that they have not wasted a single moment so far. In today’s world it is so difficult for young adults to remove themselves from the world of cellphones, social media, and other electronics. While we as staff, have occasionally had to remind students of this, I am so glad to see that they are able to withdraw themselves from these distractions and instead take the time to appreciate their surroundings and immerse themselves in this incredible Costa Rican culture.

On all our programs, we stress the importance of community, of coming together and learning to look out for each other, supporting each other both academically and socially as well as showing kindness and empathy towards one another. I am so glad to see our students doing just that. They constantly organize study sessions to quiz each other and help prepare for the next evaluation. They help each other with assignments, remind each other about room keys, cell phones or other valuables they may leave behind. They come together as a group to buy dog or cat food to feed the many homeless animals we come across every day. I am also very proud of them for having an open mind. It’s not often you see 15-year-olds openly try new cuisine, new juices, new fruit, new desserts and even coffee!

While students on Grade 9 &10 programs aren’t allowed to venture out on their own, this has not stopped our group of young explorers from asking staff to venture out and explore their surroundings, shops, souvenir markets, fruit stands and coffee shops. They have learned how to prepare their laundry, operate ATMs, navigate two currencies, and order their favourite churro!

Students are extremely excited to use the waterpark at the base of the Arenal volcano and are looking forward to going back to our home base of Playa Hermosa, where they can’t wait to swim in the ocean again and watch the sun set over the Pacific.

Thank you all for giving them this incredible opportunity. I am happy to report that they are using every opportunity to take advantage of this amazing gift they have been given.

We are looking forward to another amazing 9 days together and we can’t wait to share more of our incredible journey with you.



Program Manager