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Students are finally back in Canada after a long flight home. While many are happy to be home in their own beds, they’ll surely miss the constant learning and adventures of our program. We had an incredible journey, and it was hard to leave behind the friends we’ve made—but it’s not ‘goodbye,’ it’s ‘see you later.’

Parents, you should be incredibly proud of what your students have accomplished. From making new friends, to adapting to new cultures, to earning a high school credit in a short period of time, your students have shown flexibility, empathy and curiosity for the world around them. Travelling and studying isn’t easy,  but your students did it with grace, and had a blast doing it. Our final dinner was a celebration of all what they accomplished—they deserve to revel in it for a little while.

Thank you to our teachers, Arek, Betty, Karly and Doug, without whom the program would not have been possible. You put a tremendous amount of work into your courses, and it shone through in what students took away from the program. Thank you to Liz, our Program Manager, for doing everything from organizing hotel check ins and excursions to making sure each student was safe and healthy. You were an incredible team to work with.

While we’re home now, the memories of this program—and the friendships made along the way—will last a lifetime.


Activity Coordinator