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Last Night in Hermoupoli!


καλή Δευτέρα! Happy Monday!


After an action-packed weekend involving lots of travel, beach, school work, and delicious meals, our students are back to work with a full day of class today. 


Our English students screened the 1967 film ‘Oedipus the King,’ and continued their work on their ‘meme’ assignment, as well as completing work on their essays. 


Our Classical Civilizations group had an exciting day in Hermoupoli, visiting the Archaeological Museum of Syros, along with other historical churches and sites in the capital city of the Cyclades region. 


And our Math group began learning about quadratics functions, preparing for a lab assignment that they will participate in tomorrow. 


After class, many of our students took a couple of hours off to enjoy the beach at the Dolphin Bay Family Beach Resort, swimming, tanning, and enjoying the beautiful locale! 


For last night’s dinner, we made our final group excursion to Hermoupoli, enjoying a positively delectable Greek meal under the setting sun, the bright pink flowers of Syros, and the winding streets of the city. 


The highlight of the evening was celebrating Makayla W.’s birthday in the streets of the city! Everyone sang her a happy birthday, and the group was very excited to go out and celebrate her after dinner. 


After some final exploration of Hermoupoli, students piled on to the bus home for a good night’s sleep. 


Tomorrow is our final day on Syros!


Check out our Instagram for live updates on what we’ve been up to! 



-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator