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Last Day in Syros


αντίο Σύρος! Goodbye Syros!

6 days later and our first island stay has come to a conclusion. Students and staff are sad to say goodbye to the beautiful island that has come to hold a special place in our hearts, but we know that the memories we have made here will last for a lifetime. 

Our day began with our last incredible breakfast at the Dolphin Bay Family Resort, consisting of delicious bacon and eggs, fruit, and vegetables. Sitting outside on the hotel’s restaurant patio, students were able to soak up their last morning in our first island destination, and catch a few rays while doing it! 

Students had a packed day of class in advance of our transfer tomorrow, during which many students presented assignments, took part in discussions, and engaged in labs. Our math class in particular had an interesting day, performing a lab on quadratic functions using a ping-pong ball toss. 

After class, students had a couple of hours free to do as they wish, and many opted to go to the beach for their last day, while others opted to do work for their courses. 

The big highlight of the day was the beach volleyball tournament that was played after dinner. Students were divided into teams of 6 to play under the setting Syros sun, a perfect last evening in Syros. Students even had the opportunity to swim as twilight was beginning, and all had a memorable experience. Congratulations to Alexia, Bella R., Cole, Luca, Sarah, and Astro who won the volleyball tournament against some stiff competition! 

Next, we transfer from Syros to the volcanic island of Santorini! 

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator