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Excursion to Delos and Mykonos


What a day!
Today’s excursion to Delos and Mykonos was quite the experience.  We began in Delos, an uninhabited island and archaeological site in the Aegean.  This island is the mythological birthplace of Apollo.  Andoni, our tour guide had a theatrical approach to teaching, and he kept us engaged while teaching us the significance of the island.   He took us back 3000 years, and then brought us right back to modern times with a tour through Mykonos, which is situated directly across from Delos.  Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan and busy islands, and the students enjoyed exploring the area of the island called “Little Venice” while perusing the gorgeous shops.
Those who did not join the excursion stayed back in Parikia.  They checked in with staff in the morning after breakfast, and then had some free time.  Many chose to head to a lovely beach on the island called Martsello, which is accessible with a “Kaiki” (fishing boat).
All students met back at the hotel before heading to our local taverna Ephessus for another meal accompanied by a breathtaking sunset.
Following dinner, students signed out in groups of 4 to enjoy the maze of shops in Parikia. As usual, they all made it home by curfew, and headed to bed for some much needed rest.
Time to recharge and refresh for a full day of classes tomorrow!
Until then,
Yours truly,
Stephanie Zourntos
Activities Coordinator