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A visit from Sam Blyth


Dear Parents, Family and Friends,


I visited the Grand Tour Europe program yesterday during its stay in Biarritz and was delighted to see a great group of students really enjoying themselves.


After three years away, it is particularly gratifying for all my staff and teachers to be back and to know that all the hard work in mounting Global Summers was worthwhile, judging by this program and others in Europe and Central America.


The Grand Tour is immensely well led by the Program Manager Dave D’Alberto and the faculty who have between them decades of experience doing this. Dave possesses a rare combination of calm, competence, and caring, which when brilliant teaching is added leads to transformational experiences for young people. This is why we do this at Global Summers.


The students have now been to Barcelona, San Sebastián, and Biarritz and are really finding their feet in Europe. Yesterday many went surfing while others explored, in their groups of four, this beautiful coastal resort tucked into Basque Country on the French/Spanish border. It was made popular by the English in the mid 19th Century and again by Russians following the 1917 Revolution as its grand hotels and villas bear witness. The weather has been beautiful and happily not too hot.


Thank you for sending your children with us this summer.  You should be very proud of how well they are managing both the travel and the academic work.


Have a great summer.


Best wishes,

Sam Blyth


Global Summers Academy