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July 4: Beat the Heat!


Tuesday, July 4th

Buenos Dias!

It is hot, hot, hot!

Some of our students had a very early start to their day with an optional 6:45 walk/run on the beach this morning.

Everyone was up in time for breakfast at 7:45AM and in class by 8:30AM. Our science class wrote their first test and early indication from Ms. Mattos is that they all did really well!

By 9AM it was already 30 degrees outside and it felt like 36 degrees. Some students worked on their assignment on the patio outside their room while others were creative and found a way to work while cooling off in the pool.

We are fortunate to have a supermarket right next to our hotel and students love buying fresh fruit!

This afternoon we had our snorkeling and sailing excursion which was a blast! We have a separate post about that so please check it out.

After 3 dinners in Costa Rica, I thought it would be great for our students to get to expand outside their friend circle and get to know everyone on the program. We divided the students into 3 groups and assigned them seating. They had to leave their cell phones in their rooms! In no time, students were laughing, talking and getting creative with games they can play. Let’s just say all the forks were used tonight….

After dinner, students chose to hang out in the pool until curfew.

Tomorrow we have another full day of classes so students were off to bed early.

Stay tuned for more adventures!