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Snorkeling & Sailing Excursion


Tuesday, July 4th

After lunch today, our group walked down to the beach to start our sailing and snorkeling adventure. We had a lovely sail boat all to ourselves!

We started by sailing out of the Playa Hermosa bay and towards a quiet bay where we were sheltered from the weather and the surf.

Students and staff were fitted with masks, snorkels and fins and then boarded a small boat in two groups. We headed out to a very quiet bay where the Howler monkeys closely followed our actions from the trees above.

We enjoyed swimming in the warm, tropical waters. In no time at all, our guides were able to locate schools of fish, sea urchins and to the amazement of our students a spider fish, a puffer fish and even a sea turtle!

After an hour in the water snorkeling, diving and swimming, we returned to our boat where the staff welcomed us with freshly cut pineapple and watermelon.

The main sails were raised and we slowly sailed back to Playa Hermosa where we returned just in time for the sunset.

So far, we have had two amazing excursions in Costa Rica and we can’t wait for our next one: a night hike in the Monteverde cloud forest!

Thanks for reading!