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The Home Stretch!

Being back in Athens this week has been busy!

The students have been working hard on their final assignments, course work, and studying for their exams.  It has been a very fun few days for the students as they build their final connections with the lifelong friends they have made over the program.

Our kinesiology class took a field trip on Tuesday to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.  The stadium was originally built in 330 BC!  It was excavated and refurbished in preparation for the first modern Olympics in 1896.  This stadium is quite the sporting historical site!  Our students had the privilege of exploring the stadium and even running on the track!  It was a pretty incredible place to learn about the history of sport.

There were a couple of birthdays on Tuesday as well.  Special birthday wishes to Hannah G. and and Riley M!

Stay tuned for our final post from our final Banquet!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff