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Final Banquet


Ένα τελευταίο βράδυ! One Last Evening!

The final day of Global Summers Academy – Greece August is here. As sad as we are to be going home soon, our students had an extremely memorable and reflective final day on the program! These 26 days will be an experience that they will never forget. 

Following a morning of rest, relaxation, and some final review, our students piled onto the Athens metro to travel to our final exam location. All their hard work is finally finished, as they wrote the exam and completed their courses! Now time for some final fun and bonding at our final banquet.

At 7pm, our students congregated in the lobby of the hotel to get some details on how the evening would play out, starting with a visit to the rooftop of the Jason Inn hotel for a golden hour photoshoot. It was a perfect way to kick off the evening, as the students got to snap some pics in front of the Acropolis all dressed to the nines with their new friends!

After the photos, the students headed to the hotel conference room for a program slideshow screening. The students laughed, smiled, and even shed some tears looking back at the memories they had made throughout the program. 

We walked as a group over to the main event of the evening, a traditional Greek evening with delicious food, Greek music (and some popular covers), and most importantly, dancing. Our students got pulled up onto the stage by the performers, and everyone had the chance to engage in some Greek dancing as a group, as well as some singalongs to popular songs such as ABBA’s ‘Mamma Mia’! 

After the restaurant cleared out, the group got started on the final part of the evening, a speech from program manager Bertan, followed by some gifts as a memory of the program, and our famous paper plate awards. Each student was given a fun award for a memorable story about them during the program. The room was filled with big laughs as we recounted some of the funny and endearing moments that our students participated in throughout the month. 

Following the awards ceremony, the students had a final dance party as a group, and then went to a nearby gelato place to cap off the evening. What a wonderful way to spend our final night in Athens! Truly an evening that none of us will soon forget. 

Tomorrow, we return home! 

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator