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Culminating Assignments


Τελικές παρουσιάσεις! Final Presentations!

Today, our students presented their culminating assignments to their classmates! After weeks of hard work, our students have absolutely exceeded expectations, creating some incredible work ranging from speeches and films to presentations and written work. 

Our English classes travelled to the archaeological site of the Ancient Cemetery of Athens to present their rhetorical speeches, as each student showed off their public speaking and writing skills with creative ideas such as the Jordan vs. Lebron debate, the use of headgear in contact sports, the best Greek island for teenagers, and the refugee crisis in Europe.

All the students spoke well and showed off their knowledge of rhetorical devices that they learned in their study of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar.’

Our Classical Civilizations students presented their findings on a topic of their choice, ranging from Ancient Greek philosophy to clothing and culinary cultures of classical Greece. Each student presented a creative and interactive activity, showing off their multimedia skills. A particularly memorable activity was on the proper way to wear a toga or tunic! Experiential learning at its finest. 

Our math students presented their final lab findings, and did some prep for their final exam the next day. 

In the afternoon, our English classes screened their short documentary films, all on topics related to their travels in Greece. The amount of humour, creativity, argumentative skill and production prowess that our students demonstrated was truly mesmerizing to see, as each student brought something that they were passionate about to the process. 

In the evening, the group had their final night out on the town in Athens, eating dinner near Monastriaki square followed by free time in the Plaka neighbourhood. Everybody spent some time out in Athens, and then many chose to return to the hotel to do some prep for tomorrow’s exams. A great balance of hard work and fun! 

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator