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Surfing Excursion


το σερφάρει! Surf’s Up!


Hang ten!


Today our students spent their Saturday on a very special excursion, surfing on the Cretan coast!


After a relaxing morning sleep-in, many students chose to participate in the memory game ‘fishbowl’ in the downstairs conference room of our hotel, while others chose to take care of some work, explore the town, or chill by the pool.


At 4 p.m., the group headed out from the hotel about 20 minutes away to an absolutely stunning beach. We had been hoping all week that there would be a sufficiently wavy day for surfing, and we were not disappointed. As we pulled up to the beach and saw that there were perfect waves, a buzz of excitement filled our bus.


After a quick 30-minute tutorial from some truly amazing surf instructors on dry land, students took to the sea!


Surfing in 3 groups of 7, each group started off with some small tumbles and challenges getting up on their board, but with the help of their excellent instructors and some perseverance, all of our students were getting up on their boards and loving the surfing. “I did it!,” one of them exclaimed as they surfed into shore on a choice wave.


After a sunset surf and a short bus ride home, students ate a delicious meal at the hotel, and all students opted to spend their last Saturday night in Greece out on the town! A day full of adventure and fun vibes.


Tomorrow, we have our last beach day for the program!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator