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Beach and Surfing Day in Biarritz

Our short stay in Biarritz was action packed and students took full advantage of the beach, shopping and wonderful food choices. When we first arrived in Biarritz everyone went straight to the beach and learned to navigate the bus routes. After 3 hours of shopping, lunch time and the beach students came back to the hotel to have a class session and prepare for dinner.  At dinner we had a wonderful meal at the hotel before students embarked back into the city/beach area for their first late curfew. I am consistently impressed by the confidence, maturity and reliability of this group of young adults. All groups of 4 came back on time. Such a great group of students!

On Saturday, students had breakfast at 9am, they loved that there were crepes on the buffet for breakfast. After breakfast students left for the beach/shopping again.

On Saturday afternoon,  about half the students came back for our 2pm departure time for the optional excursion – surfing. At surfing, students seemed a little nervous at first but that quickly turned into ‘this is so much fun!’. Here, I saw another common trait with our group of young adults. They all showed a great deal of resiliency when learning this new and difficult skill. Students kept getting thrown about by the waves or unable to ‘pop’ up and ride the wave but they didn’t give up!  Such an important life lesson for everyone, just because you don’t get it the first time or the 25th time you still keep getting up and trying again. This mindset will help them go far in this world. Great job everyone!

Saturday night was another late curfew. Students had a wonderful time in town/beach and all came home again to pack and get ready for our transfer.

We transitioned to Paris today. We took a 5 hour train ride from Barritz. Students were excited that there was wifi and a place to plug in their devices. They also navigated getting their luggage on and off the train, well done!

We are safe and sound in our hotel in Paris. We are heading to dinner soon. Tomorrow we are visiting the Louvre before having class in the afternoon.


Jason – Program Manager