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A visit from Sam Blyth


Dear Parents, Family, and Friends,


I had the pleasure of visiting the Rome & Greek Islands program yesterday in Rome. Many of the students had just returned from excursions to Florence and Ostia. We met in the gardens of the hotel before dinner, not far from the Spanish Steps on a beautiful, mild evening.

I spoke to the students about my love for Italy and Rome and that I had first visited here at their age, fell in love, and have returned virtually every year since then. I could see a lot of heads nodding in agreement.

I spoke to the group about SPQR “Senatus PopulusQue Romanus” and how this Roman symbol that first emerged probably around 80BC, led Roman centurions and their soldiers as they built their empire and can still be found  today emblazoned on buildings, legal documents, and even on drainage covers in the capital. And that it might just be the oldest brand in the world, still in use.

The group is very well led by Program Manager Jason Smith and his team, which together has more than 50 years of experience with us teaching and caring for our students. Our staff has been very impressed by the quality of academic work, the maturity of the students and their curiosity in exploring Rome and its infinite array of piazzas, galleries, and churches.

Thank you for your support for Global Summers, particularly after two years of Covid. You should be very proud of your children/relatives/friends, if a little jealous as they fly off this morning to Greece to go sailing in the Aegean!


Best wishes,

Sam Blyth


Global Summers Academy