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A visit from Sam Blyth


Dear Parents, Family and Friends,


I visited the France 2022 program yesterday in Paris and am happy to report that the students are thriving. The faculty is delighted with the quality of work and effort being put out and our Activity Coordinator is very pleased with participation in a wide range of extracurricular outings.


One of the teachers and I discussed how enthusiastic the students are to be back in a live school environment, surrounded by their peers, and how this was helping to make up the social/academic deficits inflicted by Covid.


I spoke to the students at their hotel on the Left Bank not far from Montparnasse. Amongst other things, I told them that they were continuing a tradition of students traveling on the French program with me going back to 1977. Many have parents and relatives who have also travelled with me, and so they too are happily carrying on their family traditions.


I also spoke about how I had first come to Paris at their age, loved the city, and decided that one day I would live in the City of Light. This I did following my undergraduate degree and have returned annually ever since. Talking to students afterwards, two or three mentioned to me how much they would like to do the same.


Thank you for your support for Global Summers, particularly during the pandemic. The students are in the very good hands of Jeremy Russell, leading his fifth summer program, and a team of very experienced and empathetic educators.


Best wishes,

Sam Blyth


Global Summers Academy