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Life Monteverde Coffee Plantation


Today we were lucky enough to spend the day at Life Monteverde. This coffee plantation and farm is all about sustainability and producing coffee in a way that not only creates an amazing product, but also helps improve the soil and the natural environment. The students were able to learn about the lengthy and historic process that goes into coffee production and they were able to try the different styles of coffee the organization has to offer. They also got a very informative tour of the property including the livestock on site and were treated to a delicious lunch of which each ingredient was produced right there on the farm. THAT is Earth to table!

After spending the morning and early afternoon at the plantation, we went into Santa Elena for some souvenir shopping and goodies. They had some downtime before dinner and then had a bit of class after dinner to ensure they are staying on track with their studies. Tomorrow we are headed to our third stop, the town of La Fortuna near the base of the Arenal volcano.