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As you prepare for your summer program, I wanted to pass on some information which might enrich the experience.

Heat Strategies

The summers are warm and getting warmer. Always look for shade in the middle of the day, wear hats, and drink lots of water. Look at the locals and their lifestyles and how they cope – rising early, taking mid-afternoon siestas, and going out in the evenings when it is cooler. Living north of the 49th parallel, we have the sun in our eyes even at midday. Closer to the equator the sun is overhead, out of sight but more problematic.

Election Year

2024 is a year in which 75% of the democratic populations will have elections. We have already had the India elections-which are so large they take a month to count. Recently, we have had the elections for the European Parliament. And the London & the Greek Islands program will be in London during the UK elections on July 4th and polls are predicting a change of government. Read about the issues and get ready to chat to locals about them – it is a great way to engage and learn.

Food and Culture

Many of the countries we visit have top-rated cuisines with Italy recently recognized as having the best.

France, Spain and Greece are also on top ten lists, and all have much to enjoy and teach us. Before you go, you try restaurants close to you that offer the cuisines of the countries you are visiting and start your travel experience early. Tell the wait staff and chefs where you are headed, and they will likely have lots of tell you.

Travel and Fashion

Locals, particularly in cities like London, Paris, Athens and Madrid, dress well every day. Take a look at online magazines like Paris Match and British Vogue to get a preview and you will come away with an insight into the local culture whether it is high fashion or punk. Secondhand markets for clothes exist in all these cities and there are some very cool, slightly used treasures to be found.

I will be visiting several of the programs in Europe in July. Can’t wait to see you here.

Best wishes,

Sam Blyth
Global Summers Academy