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Welcome to Playa Hermosa and Villas Huetares


Day 1 is in the books! The kids were awesome throughout all the travel! We landed in Liberia and then headed for a nice lunch where the kids tried their first Casado, a traditional Costa Rican meal with rice, salad, protein and fried plantains. Some of the kids enjoyed trying the different hot sauces that were on the table!

On our ride to the hotel we were lucky enough to have our driver spot a family of howler monkeys in the trees so we stopped enjoyed that for a moment before heading to Villas Huetares, our home for the next few days. Students had their first official class time in Costa Rica and enjoyed the pools. We had a delicious dinner of spaghetti and salad and then I took some of the kids down to the beach for a little evening splash in the water. Everyone is happy to be here and taking advantage of all this place has to offer! Tomorrow is ziplining in the morning and then class in the afternoon before a walking trip to the grocery store so kids can stock up on snacks.