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Weekend Adventures at Vimy Ridge and Shakespeare and Co.



Our first weekend in France has reached its conclusion, and we’re very glad to have a second weekend in Paris to look forward to!

This weekend, several students were up early on Saturday morning to make the trek to Vimy Ridge and Arras. Overall, reviews were positive, with students remarking that the experience was very eye-opening and sombre. Those of us back at the hotel had the opportunity to visit the famous bookshop, Shakespeare and Company, in the heart of Paris. It was a hit—but, more importantly, so were the tote bags! After our visit to Shakespeare and Co., students had the opportunity to explore a bit more of central Paris and, of course, feast on some authentic crêpes and gelato.

Today, on Sunday, our group returned to the neighbourhood of Montmartre to visit the world-famous flea market and have lunch. We celebrated the end of our first weekend in Paris with pizza in the park tonight, with many students signing out afterwards to visit the Eiffel Tower and cafés in Paris’ center.

It will be a busy week ahead—a trip up the Eiffel Tower as well as a visit to the Musée d’Orsay await us!


Activity Coordinator