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Weekend in Santorini!

It was an amazing weekend here in Santorini!  On Saturday morning, the students who signed up for our volcano tour and hot springs excursion, took off bright and early for their trek.  They took the Santorini cable car to the port and sailed off on a boat to take them to the volcano.  Afterward, the boat docked and the students had the opportunity to swim in the sulphuric hot springs that bubble out from the volcano. It was quite the experience! The remainder of Saturday was spent lounging by the pool or catching up on any unfinished school work, followed by dinner and some free time in the town.

Sunday was another free day for the students.  We decided, what better way to take care of the Santorini heat than to make it a beach day?  We arranged some busses to Perissa Beach, the well renowned black sand beach not far from Santorini.  The students spent the day with free time on the beach to read, swim, and have some fun in the sun.  On Sunday evening, most of the students were tired from the long day out in the sun.  We had dinner in the town and then headed to bed for a good night rest before our final day in Santorini. 

Tomorrow will be a full day of classes for the students, and we’re looking forward to Crete on Tuesday!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff