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Visit to the Vatican


Buongiorno from Rome on our third full day! Yesterday ended with full camera rolls, full minds, and tired feet!

The title of our program promises Rome and Greece, but yesterday our scholars found themselves in a third country: Vatican City. 

This tiny independent city-state nestled within the heart of Rome is brimming with history, artifacts, and tour guides. Our scholars followed the Vatican’s no nunsense dress code and showed up in their Sunday best – they clean up well!

In a comprehensive tour including the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel (silencio, per favore), there was so much to see. 

After dinner, some of our adventurers set off in groups in pursuit of gelato, while others opted to stay in and crack some books. We love to see their growing confidence as they navigate the city, and we’re thrilled with the balance they’re creating between scholarly and gelateria pursuits!

Today a group ventures to Pompeii to discover ancient Roman culture in newly excavated areas of the ruins, while their classmates continue their studies with the option to visit a cat sanctuary – but not just any old sanctuary! One of the most famous murders in history took place under the very spot they will stand. Et tu, Brute?




Activity Coordinator