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Visit from Sam Blyth

Dear Parents and friends,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with your children here in Florence and spoke to them after dinner in the lovely gardens of our Hotel Donatello. Their walk back from dinner to the hotel had just taken them through the Piazza Della Signoria and the Palazzo Vecchia where so much Florence history has played out.

In 2016 I founded the Canadian School in Florence, a thriving Kindergarten-Grade 12 school close by. We love Florence and have deep roots in the community.

I spoke to students about the revolution that was the Renaissance and how a town with half the population of Thornhill, Ontario changed the world and continues to influence modern western civilization. And how Florentines did it again in the post war period in the field of fashion with the likes of Gucci, Pucci, Cavali, Coveri and Ferragamo. Staying here is like living in a museum and it is great to see the students thrive in it.

The group had a magical visit to Siena and had a front row position at the Palio, a race that has taken place in its Campo for almost 400 years. Tomorrow they sail to Sardinia with beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather awaiting them.

Their teachers are very impressed with the academic work to date demonstrating the students’  talent for multi-tasking as there is so much going on. They have a brilliant and seasoned faculty and staff with decades of experience with us and they are in excellent hands.

Thank you for sending your children with Global Summers. It is my 46th year running these summer programs and it never ceases to thrill me to see student’s excitement and joy as they explore, learn and grow.

Best wishes,

Sam Blyth


Global Summers Academy


Yesterday was a very special day in Florence for our students, we had a visit from the one and only Sam Blyth.

After dinner Sam came to speak to both the teachers and students about this program and why it is so important and life changing. What the students get to see, and the relationships they create with both their peers as well as the staff, are memories they will remember for a lifetime. Sam engaged with the students, spoke to them about their experience so far on the program and emphasized how it will only get better.

It was such a pleasure to have Sam come and visit, the students were all so happy to meet him and get to know the face behind Global Summers Academy.

We wish him safe travels as he makes his way to Paris!