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Une semaine chargée à Paris


We are nearing the end of our time in Paris; as such, we have been busy filling this week with our bucket list activities.

On Monday, we went to the Louvre, where we saw the Mona Lisa (for some of us—from a distance), and many interesting exhibitions, including Pharaoh of the Two Lands, which is at the Louvre until the end of the month. Our students loved going on an evening boat cruise on the Seine on Tuesday, with some remarking that it tops the list of experiences they’ve had in France so far. Yesterday, we braved the lines and the heat to go all the way up to the summit of the Eiffel Tower. The views were nothing short of incredible.

It’s Bastille Day here in France, and our students are looking forward to the celebrations. Very appropriately, we will be heading to Versailles this afternoon, and some of our group will be off to Disneyland tomorrow.

While we have all enjoyed the excitement of Paris, we look forward to slowing down and heading to the south of France on Saturday. See you soon, Mandelieu!


Activity Coordinator