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Transfer to Crete


O νησί των Μινωιτών! The island of the Minoans!

We have arrived in our last island location, the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean,’ the largest island in Greece; Crete!

This morning the students had their final day of classes in Santorini, travelling to a nearby taverna called Naoussa to learn. The English classes in particular had an exciting day, starting in on William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ reading through the play as a class.

After a lunch consisting of gyros, crêpes, and pizza, the students headed down to the main port of Santorini to catch a 4:15 p.m. high speed ferry to Crete. The bustling port was extremely busy, and students had to be very alert and vigilant to ensure that they boarded their ferry on time. By this point, our students are seasoned veterans!

After a 2-hour ride, rolling along the deep blue waves of the Aegean Sea, we reached our destination, the 6000-year-old city of Heraklion. Just stepping out into the city, one can feel the weight of the millennia of civilization that has thrived, been destroyed, and been restored on this island.

Our hotel, the Capsis Astoria Hotel, is absolutely beautiful! Students were very pleased with it from the moment we stepped in the front door, with its easy access to creature comforts, gym, beautiful restaurant, and most importantly air conditioning!

After a short walking tour of the neighbourhood to acquaint the students with their surroundings, the group had a beautiful dinner at the hotel restaurant.

For most, tonight was an early night after a long commute, and many of the students opted to stay in to get a good sleep before class tomorrow. A few went out exploring the streets, getting gelato and visiting some of the shops of Heraklion.

Tomorrow, first day of classes on Crete!

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator