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London Called and GSA Answered!

Good Morning from London!


  Students had a wonderful breakfast this morning and have started their first class this morning. After our travel day yesterday students are looking well and happy they were able to get a good night’s rest. All the staff were very impressed with the perseverance and positive frame of mind of all our students yesterday. With the delay at the airport in Toronto our schedule really didn’t allow for much downtime when we arrived in London. We are so happy we have some good travelers with us on our London and the Greek Islands program. We are now settled into our hotel that is very well located close to an Underground stop. Students are excited to start exploring more of London tonight, tomorrow we are on a guided tour after our morning classes. We are looking forward to a full day of classes (morning and afternoon) and a good night of dinner before exploring London this evening. 


All for now, stay tuned to some more posts on Instagram today/tonight!


Jason Smith – Program Manager