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July 28th, 2023


Welcome to Zermatt!

Please watch! https://www.youtube.com/shorts/iI5sgiiIj4Y

We had a veryyyyy long transfer from Germany through Liechtenstein! The walking tour was short and sweet, giving us a great idea of what this small nation is all about. The rain held out for most of the time there but got us a little at the end! The restful bus ride continued into the Swiss Alps which are stunning.  

Finally in the evening we arrived at Zermatt to get a tasty delivered pizza in our new Hotel home for a few days! The break from the heat of Spain, France, and Germany was welcomed by all. We had some class time & free time on day one, a great hike to a beautiful lake via gondola lift and many steps for a few photo opportunities, and then more time to study, hang out, and certainly continue bonding with friends over cards before bed! 

A wet morning was refreshing for us as we Yowled our way down the hill through the beautiful town to the train to then transfer onto our comfy coach bus to Milan, Italy. Some free time for lunch was made as we arrived midday then an informative walking tour. The weather could not make up its mind. We started with sun, felt like we walked through a hurricane (don’t worry, all were well and smiling), then had  some light refreshing rain and finished back again with sun! The Duomo was wonderful and the fashions we saw made some of us (Mr. D and Ms Salerno) feel a little (read very) underdressed in our rain gear. 

The second last transfer to Florence was smooth. We arrived got settled in our beautiful hotel and had a tasty pasta meal together. As we left the restaurant there was a symphony playing in the square next to us which many of us stopped to listen and watch. The finale was a tribute to Deep Purple. Rock on! Some of the students made it to Pisa for an excursion of fun and delicious Italian food – they loved the the unlimited Coca Cola! While some of us enjoyed the sights and sounds of Florence in our free time. The afternoon was hot which led to lightning and rain before dinner so a small group of students and Mr. D went to see Barbie with Italian subtitles – lucky for us the audio was in English! We enjoyed our last supper in Tuscany together before heading out in groups. Some enjoyed the sunset from Michelangelo’s Plaza!

Next up Rome!

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Mr Dumitru – Photography Teacher