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Life is Beautiful in Paris!


July 8 – This morning, students and teachers woke up early in order to have a good breakfast before we drove to the local train station and caught the train towards Paris. It was really wonderful to see how conscientious all of the students were. They tidied their rooms and packed their bags, and returned their room keys quickly and efficiently. They were operating like a well-oiled machine!

Our train was the famous French TGV (train à grand vitesse) and it certainly lives up to its name!  In our comfortable train car, we sped north through the Bordeaux region and into Paris.

After settling into their rooms and taking time to unpack, students had until dinnertime to explore the area. We are located close to the Eiffel Tower, in a beautiful part of the city. The students and staff on the Global Summers France program are also staying at our hotel, and so we coordinated a pizza dinner with them on the terrace. It was a great chance to meet even more people and to share a fun meal.

The next morning, we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast at our hotel, then set of to visit the most prominent landmark in Paris – the Eiffel Tower. Up the tower, the 360 degree views of the city were breathtaking.

Students had time for class, and then gathered again in the late afternoon for a guided walking tour of the Montmartre area. After 1 full day in Paris, we all agree that la vie est belle!

Program Manager
Grand Tour (Departure 1)