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July 8: Cloud Forest Hike


Saturday, July 8th:

We were up with the chickens this morning! Our group gathered at 6:30AM for breakfast and then boarded our buses at 7AM for the Monteverde Cloud Forest hike.

We were greeted by our two amazing tour guides and we headed off on a 2.5km journey through the cloud forest. Established in 1972 by a coalition of scientist from the Tropical Science Center (TSC) and Quakers from the local community to protect one of the last tracts of pristine Cloud Forest in Central America. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve is a pioneer and progressive conservation and ecotourism model based in biodiversity research and education.

Along our two hour tour, our guides were able to point out numerous plants and animals unique to the cloud forest. We even got to cross the famous suspension bridge!

At the end of our tour, we walked to the hummingbird sanctuary where we were surround by fast flying hummingbirds all around us. We even came across a baby pit viper snake perched on a branch close to us.

After our amazing hike, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up and then head to a nearby restaurant for lunch. After a morning of hiking, students had no trouble finishing off their chicken quesadillas.

We then headed down the steep hill to the quaint town of Santa Elena, where the students had an opportunity to buy some souvenirs and ice cream.

We concluded the afternoon with a two hour class, an early dinner and an evening of relaxation at our hotel.

We are looking forward to our road trip to La Fortuna tomorrow and the chance to see the Arenal volcano for the first time.