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Classes with some incredible views!

It was another hot day in Santorini!

The students had a full day of classes today, but we had some very exciting things going on in classes.  The photography students gave a seminar to the grade 12 English classes on the composition of photography, to help the English students prepare for their photography essays. This was a wonderful cross-curricular opportunity for the students to interact!  Additionally, the Ancient Civilizations class gave presentations while perched atop a restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea.

We had an authentic Greek dinner at a local taverna and afterward many students watched the infamous Santorini sun set!  It was a lovely evening!

Tomorrow, some of the classes will be going for a tour of Akrotiri, a preserved bronze-age site, then we will head to the town of Oía for dinner and a sun set tour!

Lastly, special happy birthday wishes to Halle F!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff