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First Full Day in Playa Hermosa


Sunday, July 2nd

After a much deserved full night of sleep, we were up bright and early in order to get ready for our zip-lining excursion.

For our 6:45AM breakfast we enjoyed delicious homemade pancakes, fresh fruit and scrambled eggs.

We boarded our bus at 7:30 and headed off on our jungle canopy tour. Please see our zip-lining photo blog for details.

Upon returning to Playa Hermosa, students couldn’t wait to jump in one of our three swimming pools.

After lunch, we had our very first class.

We then headed down the road to the beautiful beach, where we played in the waves and watched the sun set over the Pacific ocean.

Tonight, we had our very first traditional Costa Rican dinner consisting of rice, beans, meat and veggies.

Students decided to hang out in the pool this evening as they continue to get to know each other.

After an exciting day of adventure, students were in bed well before tonight’s curfew!

Tomorrow we have a full day of classes.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures!