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Exploring Fira


καλώς ήρθες στα Φηρά! Welcome to Fira!


Today was a perfect mixture of two of Global Summers Academy’s guiding principles: academic excellence and experiential learning.


Students had a full day of class, but not in a typical classroom setting. Students were taken by their teachers to a stunning taverna with two levels at which they sat on patios overlooking the Santorini coast line. English students began work on Greek mythology, and had the opportunity to move around the taverna freely to work in small groups. The perfect setting really amplified the excitement about the work that was being done, as the students were more used to classroom style lessons in Syros.


Students had a 2-hour lunch break during which they explored the streets of Fira, and many of our students had their first ever gyro! Needless to say, they were a huge hit all around.


After class, many students opted to swim in the pool at the New Haroula Hotel to cool off from the sweltering Greek heat. Others who need to keep up their fitness level for sports commitments back home chose to go as a group to a local gym, getting their work out on!


For dinner, we went to a beautiful restaurant in the old town of Fira, high on the cliffs of Santorini overlooking the Aegean. Students were entranced and enchanted by the sensational view, and many remarked at how incredible an experience it was to dine in such a place.


Most of the students chose to return to the hotel in the evening to work on some of their assignments, and a large number of them ended up playing board and card games by the pool at the end of the evening. A nice relaxing way to lead into an action packed weekend!


Tomorrow, more classes and sunset at Oia!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator