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Happy Friday!

Today was another fun-filled day of classes on the island of Crete!

The grade 12 English classes were held together in a local cinema that we were able to arrange to use for the day.  It was a very cool setting for class to be held as the students continue to work on their final assignments and prepare for their exam!

Also, the photography class took off into the streets of Heraklion to do a photo shoot with a couple of pretty fantastic models. It was a very cool experience to see the students being leaders behind the camera and directing their own photo shoot. There were some amazing shots taken!

In the late afternoon, those students who signed up for the surfing excursion headed out to the beach! They had a wonderful evening cooling off in the water, getting away from the intense Greek heat we’ve been having.

While they were away, other students spent the afternoon shopping, going for lunch, lounging around the pool, or working on class work.

We had dinner at our hotel, then the students had the evening free to go off and explore the town of Heraklion.  There is so much for them to see and do here, they did not have a difficult time keeping themselves occupied!

This weekend is a pretty relaxed weekend, providing the students some time to catch up on school work before we head back to Athens Monday evening!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff