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30 July - Chilled Out Sunday in Syros


Κυριακή στην παραλία! Sunday at the Beach!

These last few days were absolutely action-packed! With the transfer from Athens on Thursday, the Mykonos excursion on Friday, and the sailing excursion yesterday, our students got a well-deserved day to relax, complete work, and take part in activities. 

Sunday slumbers began the day, as the students got a sleep-in day. Once again, the array of local fruits and vegetables at the hotel restaurant delighted taste buds and got the day started on an excellent note.

A group of about 15 students went on a hike up to the Agios Nektarios chapel, about 10 minutes from the Dolphin Bay Family Beach resort. The hikers twisted and turned through a variety of jagged, rocky landscapes to the mountain peak, and stopped for some photographs of the panoramic view. Meanwhile, they took in the mesmerizing beauty of the Aegean Sea beyond them and the quaint charm of the village of Galissas below them. 

Other students opted to engage in a variety of activities, such as catch up on work, book one-on-one time with their instructors, or simply enjoy the crashing waves at the beach. 

Upon completion of the hike, nearly all the students of Global Summers Academy – Greece August escaped the heat by going for a swim in the sandy beach of Galissas. Many of them played an informal game of volleyball in the water, while others just soaked in the salty serenity of the sea. 

The remainder of the afternoon was spent primarily on school work, as students ensured that they were all prepared in advance of the new school week. Many students were working in group study sessions, working as a team to solidify their understanding. The students are really starting to embrace the teamwork and supportive culture that Global Summers Academy seeks to foster! 

Tomorrow, students will begin their first day of class for the week, so all got a nice early rest.

For more updates and live content, such as the ‘Mykonos Excursion’ reel, check out our program Instagram page! 


– Activity Coordinator Harrison R.